3 Important Things Single Mothers Should Understand about Men

Interested in dating a single mother? With so much information about what single mothers need from us and all the rules associated with dating them, there’s almost a complete lack of knowledge about what you need from her.

How can a relationship survive without understanding the basics of being a romantic couple?

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Boy Garçon single mother

What Every Single Mother Should Know

Here are the Top 3 things to know about having a man in your life. If you have others, you’re welcome to send them to me, and I’ll post an update.

  1. Priorities. Men understand that your young children are important. But, if we’re not part of your top 3 priorities, please be honest with yourself and the men trying to start a relationship with you: you’re not ready for one. You wouldn’t want to be placed on the back burner, nor do we.
  2. Schedule. On the one hand, single mothers expect a lot of planning for an evening out from the men in their lives. That’s understandable, especially when women have young children at home. On the other hand, you expect us to be punctual and demonstrate time flexibility if you need to end an evening early or even cancel at the last minute. A man will accept this a few times, but if it’s a consistent thing, again, you’re not ready for a relationship.
  3. Money. Eventually, a man will ask how you support yourself and your child (children). After all, nothing ends romance faster for a man than being viewed as a bank.

Mothers are wonderfully pragmatic. While weighing what a man brings to the happy party, ask yourself: what are you bringing?