3 Profound Flags that Your Relationship is Too Much for Her

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Whether you’ve read James Howell’s proverb in his own writing or saw it in Stephen King’s The Shining, it’s a relationship nightmare many men have had to face.

While this issue is frequently described as “Projecting,” often when it relates to women in a relationship, it’s actually a simple concept. You may, in fact, be too much for a woman to handle.

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You’re too Much for Her and Your Relationship

Here are the 3 things that could indicate you’re too much for her and your relationship with her. If you have others, you’re welcome to send them to me, and I’ll post an update.

  1. Work. Does it seem like you’re doing all the work? Making plans for a night out and travel arrangements are two flags, along with her frequent response: “you decide, it’ll be fine.” If you’re hearing this a lot, she’s either not committed to your relationship or feels overwhelmed by you. In either case, it’s time to find someone more compatible who is excited to be part of a relationship with you and brings an equal sense of adventure to the party. After all, if it seems like work, then it’s not a relationship.
  2. Home. Everyone loves a romantic night at home. But if most of your nights together start and end at home, ask yourself if it’s a temporary thing or if you see your relationship evolving into two homebodies? If you’re outgoing, then you need a woman who is compatible. The sooner you face that fact and find someone you are compatible with, the better it will be for both of you.
  3. 20%. There’s always a physical aspect to every relationship. While this one may seem odd at first, hear me out: if you’re a lot taller than she is, she will eventually start feeling strange around you in public. My grandfather told me the story of Stevie Nicks from the band Fleetwood Mac. She was so frustrated with the height of drummer Mick Fleetwood compared to her petite frame that she wore shoes and boots with massive height lifts everywhere, and that was a professional relationship.  Imagine her doing something similar just to be around you? Doesn’t sound very romantic to either one of you. How can you quickly tell before a relationship moves too far? If the length of your foot is more than 20% of her height, it will not work for either of you.