6 Good Things to Buy Instead of Starting a Bad Romance

This is going to sound materialistic and possibly self-centered, but money can buy you happiness when compared to being in a bad romance. So before you take the plunge into your next red-flagged horror of a bad romance, consider buying something that will help you grow as a person or just for fun.

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Boy Garçon Bad Romance

Avoid your next Bad Romance

Buy one or more of these instead.

  1. Education. I’m not talking about getting yet another college degree. Instead, watch a half-dozen YouTube videos about how to do something new and then try it yourself. The school of hard knocks is the best.
  2. Stock Market. You’ll eventually need some serious money to start your own company, buy a house, buy an expensive vehicle, and see the world. You get it. Start investing today.
  3. Collections. This differs from when you go after people who owe you money because a man doesn’t lend money in the first place. It’s starting a collection of something that either makes you happy or will be valuable in the future–preferably both. Before starting a collection, talk to your local, high-quality art/jewelry/coin expert to understand what “collection” means.
  4. Vacation. All of us could use one right about now.
  5. Nutrition and Fitness. Your future health will be primarily based on your genetics, what you eat, and the time you spend in the gym. Hire a nutritionist for a month and have them design a dozen breakfast, lunch, and dinner combinations that you can actually make yourself. Then go sign up for that one-year gym plan. While you can’t control genetics, the other two things continue to help my grandfather be the admired man he is, which is enough motivation for me.
  6. Whiskey and Cigars. Enough said.


Aren’t buying into this premise? Here’s a study by the National Academy of Science that may help.

One more thing: women know all about this topic, especially older women. Consider asking them if you have any doubts.

While you’re considering, here’s some music from Lady Gaga to help you.