6 Great Reasons to Date Older Women

Are you starting to see the flags appear warning that your hookup lifestyle is becoming…boring? Eventually, all men see the signs.

Before everyone defecates on this post, most people will happily continue a version of the hookup lifestyle for most, if not all, of their lives. But that’s one of the differences between a boi or gurl and a man or woman. More happiness to them, but some of us do evolve.

So when I hit 22 and looked around, I noticed that all my peers had remained gurls, caught up living in all the usual tropes from high school and college. I’m not going to address the boi issue because, no.

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Boy Garçon Date Older Women

Date Older Women

Men like concise lists, so here are the reasons. If you have others, you’re welcome to send them to me, and I’ll post an update.

  1. Experience. With more life experiences making them wise and knowledgeable, they know what they want and what you need. This leads to fewer guessing games, better communication, and much more fun!
  2. Independent. Financial and emotional independence. When you date an older woman, the reasons they’re into you are obvious. There’s no entanglement with money issues because they don’t have any. And that emotional independence puts an end to the “clingy gurl” syndrome. They’ve also developed their passions and interests, making for much better conversations.
  3. Mature. While it may seem redundant, with time comes maturity and a better understanding of themselves and their relationships: fewer games, more fun.
  4. Confident. A confident woman is a beautiful woman. No more walking on eggshells or jealousy: say what’s on your mind. She’ll do the same.
  5. Passionate. Older women often have a greater desire for physical intimacy and romance.
  6. Adventurous. It may seem counterintuitive based on the latest streaming movies, but I’m here to tell you: with more life experience, older women tend to be more open-minded and willing to try new things.